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07 31, 2020 11:28 PM


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A blog dedicated to people with programming passion. Here you will find posts about things I have learned, problems that I have solved in programming and projects that I developed. Code Hub blog is my own personal wiki of leanings, failures, and successes about programming.






Code hub blog has 6 sections which are Home, About, Projects, Coding Logs, Posts, and Contacts.




Home Section


It contains the logo of Code Hub blog, a tag line, and a welcome message.




About Section


It shows my circled profile picture and a short description of me and my skills.




Projects Section


I want to feature my projects here in the Code Hub blog. This section shows the logo of my project, the name of my project, what skills I used, and a short description pf my project.




Coding Logs Section


In this section, it is like a diary where I write my learnings or things I did every time I write program codes.




Posts Section


It shows the blog posts that I write and a link to my previews posts that a user can visit.




Contacts Section


I want to get in touch with my visitors so here I put links to my social media accounts that a user can visit.




Web Framework


I used the Django web framework in this project because it is a Python-based free and open-source web framework. Django has great documentation that can assist me while I am developing my project. I also choose this framework because I love coding in Python and I want to learn and explore more about the Django web framework.






I used three templates which are index.html, post.html, and message.html. The template index.html is the main template of my blog site while the post.html is the template to view my blog and project posts. The message.html is the template for displaying a message after a visitor submits feedback from my post.




Responsive Design


Responsive web design is very important due to a wide variety of devices with different screen resolutions. Code Hub blog is a mobile-first design. It will respond in mobiles with a minimum screen resolution of 320px and medium-size devices like tablets and Ipads. It can also be best viewed in notebooks and desktops. I used javascript functions to make my blog site responsive, unique, and simple.




Cloud Platform


There are a lot of cloud platforms that provide great services but I chose the Heroku cloud platform because it is easy to use and they offer free and I do not need to add my credit card for payment at the early stage. It is also the cheapest option for a low traffic site like my blog site. Another thing I like is that the database integration is pretty simple with PostgreSQL.






Code Hub blog source code is available in my Github account in this link and anyone can make a pull request, download, or clone.





That is all about my project Code Hub blog. Please feel free to submit the feedback below. I appreciate it.


Thank You and Happy Coding.

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Jade Danial is a passionate programmer and creator of Code Hub blog. He is fueled by his passion for learning. He is fascinated by the idea of discovering the world of programming.

Meanwhile, he is developing desktop and web applications using his skills in programming.

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